Process Controller Maxxis

Process controller Maxxis


Process Controller Maxxis

Maxxis 5 from Minebea Intec is the perfect unit to take over separate, pre-defined task areas, as well as manage wider sections of an overall work process. For these applications, the unit takes the role of a “project manager”, submitting and distributing both tasks and demands.
For hassle free integration, numerous connectivity options are required. The Maxxis 5 has a range of fieldbus options allowing the subordination of other systems. This allows the unit, with very little effort on behalf of the integrator, to perform an extensive range of activities and responsibilities from operating a simple filling station to complex, multi-stage batching tanks.

Freely Programmable
– Customise the Maxxis 5 using the IEC61131 programming language
– Modify the controller to suit your exact process requirements
– Powerful debug system with online debugging and runtime monitoring
– Graphical programming languages:
Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Ladder Diagram (LD) as well as Structure Text (ST) and Instruction List (IL)

Product Description

Process Controller Maxxis

Process Controller Maxxis

The Maxxis 5 can be supplied with any of 6 standard applications pre-installed.
These applications have been tested and perfected to ensure that you can integrate
the unit directly upon delivery. However, for unique applications the Maxxis 5 can
easily be re-programmed by your own technicians. Should you need any support
with this task, Minebea ’ software specialists will be happy to help you.

Standard Applications:

– Automatic and multi-component batching and formulation as a standalone or integrated solution
– Storage of recipes and components in databases
– Documentation on batching results, consumption and production
– Predefined batching procedures
– Control of processes directly or via plc
– Manual recipes with a coloured user interface and recalculation facilities.
– Material identification via barcode

– One component filling for receptacles such as big bags
– Fast, reproducible results
– Multiple interfaces for process connection and remote control
– Flexible control of screw feeders, batch valves and others, via digital or analoge signals
– Approval for automatic gravimetric filling instrument (AWI)

– Easy operation via a wide range of connectivity options to data processing systems
– Custom label design for logos and pre-defined texts
– Acquisition of material consumption and yield through a direct link to existing ERP systems
– Internal alibi memory function
– Simple check function
– Tilt correction for weighing result (enabled via licence)

– Automatic and multi-component batching and formulation applications in combination with recipe software (e.g. ProBatch+) or PLCs
– Standard S88 batching interface
– Receives and reports process | recipe data
– Display can be used to operate the process from the scale
– Remote start of recipes also via the scale

– Integrated Count and Check procedures for platform applications
– Rapid response through visual elements such as coloured lights and bar graphs
– Flexible documentation and logging
– Easy connection to a PC based quality management system
– Custom label design for logos and pre-defined texts

– Advances the control of Truck scales
– Internal database for the storage of truck, product, address and on-site table reports
– Supports the filling of trucks on the scale
– Use Scale A, B and A+B
– Control of barriers or traffic lights
– Internal alibi memory
– Extensive statistical reports
– Connect digital Load Cells with DAT Features


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