Industrial Scales Combics


Minebea Intec Combics family offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metal and electrical industries. It can easily adjust to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options. Combics complete scales come combined with platforms and indicators already installed and ready for use.

Combics industrial scales offer a high protection class up to IP69K, ATEX certifications as well as various accessories in different material versions (such as benches, roller conveyors, Minebea printers, frames for pit installations or drive-on ramps).

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Product Description

Industrial Scales Combics

Industrial Scales Combics

• Optimally customized to the area of application due to 10 weighing ranges from 3kg to 3t and 13 platform dimensions
• Painted and stainless steel versions available
• Robust in aggressive environments due to high corrosion and IP protection (stainless steel versions u to V4A|1.4571, electro-polished and IP68|IP69K)
• Precision up to 30,000 d when not used in legal metrology
• When used in legal metrology up to 6000 e and/or 3×3000 e. Multi-range and multi-interval possible.

High resolution weighing platforms
• Maximum readability 0.1g to 3t (not in legal metrology).
• Area of application from 16kg to 300kg in various platform dimensions
• Precision up to 340,000 d when not used in legal metrology
• When used in legal metrology class II up to 34,000 e
• Internal motorized calibration weight

• User-friendly due to clear text displays, bar graph, control light fields
• Flexibility due to 9 application programs
• For use in legal metrology applications up to 10,000 e, optional integrated Alibi memory
• Easy integration due to standardized data interfaces, for example, RS232, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/ IP


Brochure Combics Food Brochure Combics Process Integrator Data sheet CAH Complete Scales High Resolution Data sheet CAWP Complete Scales Data sheet CAWS Complete Scales Manual Combics CA models Option Y2 Manual Combics Complete Scale CAW1P-CAW2P-CAW1S-CAW2S-CAH1 Manual Combics Complete Scale CAW3P-CAW3S-CAH3 Manual Combics SPC OptionH5 Official Mode Manual YAS02CI-e Manual YAS07CI Manual YDO-C YDO-SW Manual YFP01CWS Manual YFP02CWS Manual YSB02


Cables YCC01-09ISM5 - Cable to PC, 12pin round/9pin male YCC01-01CISLM3 - Cable, YDP02/04IS to 25-pin D-sub YCC03-D09F6 - Connecting cable,D-sub, 9-contact female YCC03-D09M6 - Connecting cable, 9-pin D-sub male YCC04-D09M6 - Cable, D-sub, 9-pin to 9-pin YCC01-10CIM3 - Cable, 25pin D-Sub male/9 pin + jack plug YCC02-RELAIS01 - Cable,25pin D-sub male con/open-end cable YCC02-RELAIS02 - Cable, both ends open, 6 m YCC01-USBM2 - RS-232/USB-cable YCC02-RB01 - Cable, DB-25 male/5-pin round male, 2 m YCC01-02ISM3 - Cable, isi,QC,FB/FC, 25-pin/12-pin, 3 m YCC01-03CISLM3 - Cable to IS pltf, 25-pin Dsub/12-pin rd. YCCDI-01M3 - Cable, 25-pin D-sub male con/25-pin, 3 m YCC02-RJ45M7 - Connecting cable w/ RJ45 male connector YCC02-CB02 -Cable for car battery, 24V module, 2 m YCC02-D09F6 - Cable f. prntr., to 9-pin D-Sub fem. con YCC02-D09M6 - Cable f. prntr., to 9-pin D-Sub male con YCC02-D25F6 - Cable f. accesry., 25-pin D-Sub fem. con YCC02-D25M6 - Cable f. SAG scale,25-pin D-sub fem. con YCC02-R12F6 - Cable f. acces+IS platf., 12-pin round YCC02-R12M6 - Cable for SAG scale, 12-pin rd. male con YCC232-X - Cable without connectors for RS-232 YCC422-X - Cable without connectors for RS-422 YCC422-Y - Cable w/o connector f. RS-422, zone 2,22 YCC485-X - Cable without connectors for RS-485 YCCTTY10-X - Cable without connectors for TTY 10mA YCC03-D25M6 - Connecting cable, 25-pin male connector YCC03-R12M6 - Connecting cable,12-pin round male conn. YCC03-R12F6 - Connecting cable,12-pin round fem. conn. YCC04-BR02 - Cable, barcode rdr. PS2/5-pin DIN female YCC04-D25M6 - Cable 9-pin to 25-pin male connector YCC04-D09F6 - Cable, D-sub, 9-pin to 9-pin female YCC04-R12F6 - Cable D-sub 9-12-contact rnd. female c. YCC04-R12M6 - Cable D-sub 9 - 12-pin round male conn. YCC02-BR02 - Cable, bar code rdr. to 5-pin DIN plug YCC02-XR14F02 - Connecting cable, Zener barrier to CIXS3 YCC02-XR14M6 - Connecting cable, EX scale/IS-X to CIXS3 YCC01-08ISM5 - Sartonet cable f. connecting LA/FC/isi30 Column YDH01CWP - Column painted,platf.320x240,height330mm YDH02CWP - Column ptd., platf. 400x300,height 500mm YDH03CWP - Column paint,platf. 500x400,height750mm YDH03CWS - Column,platf. 500x400,height750mm YDH01CWS - Column,platf.320x240,height330mm YDH02CWS - Column,platf.400x300,height500mm YDH03CIP - Floor-mounted column,painted,height 1.1m YDH03CIS - Floor-mounted column,st. st.,height 1.1m YDH01P - Column for Signum scales, DC models Drive-On ramps YAR01CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x600 mm YAR06CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x800 YAR02CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1000 mm YAR03CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1250 YAR04CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1500 YAR05CWP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1500 YAR01CWPT - Drive-on ramp, ptd., tread pl., 1200x600 YAR06CWPT - Drive-on ramp, ptd., tread pl., 1200x800 YAR02CWPT - Drive-on ramp,ptd., tread pl.,1200x1000 YAR03CWPT - Drive-on ramp, ptd., tread pl.,1200x1250 YAR04CWPT - Drive-on ramp, ptd., tread pl.,1200x1500 YAR05CWPT - Drive-on ramp, ptd., tread pl.,1200x1500 YAR01CWS - Drive-on ramp, stainless steel, 1200x600 YAR02CWS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x1000 YAR06CWS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x800 YAR03CWS - Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200x1250 YAR04CWS - Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200x1500 YAR05CWS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x1500 YAR01CWST - Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200x600 YAR06CWST - Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200x800 YAR02CWST - Drive-on ramp,st.steel, YAR03CWST - Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200x1250 YAR04CWST - Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200x1500 YAR05CWST - Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200x1500 YAR01CWS4 - Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti st.stl.,1200x600 YAR02CWS4 - Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200x1000 YAR03CWS4 - Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200x1250 YAR04CWS4 - Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200x1500 YAR05CWS4 - Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200x1500 YAR01MAPP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x800 mm YAR02MAPP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1000 mm YAR03MAPP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1250 mm YAR04MAPP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x1500 mm YAR05MAPP - Drive-on ramp, painted, 1200x2000 mm YAR02MAPS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x1000 mm YAR03MAPS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x1250 mm YAR04MAPS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x1500 mm YAR05MAPS - Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200x2000 mm Pit-frame YEG01CWP - Pit frame, painted, platform: 800x600 mm YEG08CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 800x800mm YEG07CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 1000x800mm YEG02CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 1000x1000mm YEG03CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 1250x1000mm YEG09CWP - Pit frame edges, ptd.,1250x1250mm YEG04CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 1500x1250mm YEG05CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 1500x1500mm YEG06CWP - Pit frame painted, platf. 2000x1500mm YEG01CWS - Pit frame, st.steel, platform 800x600 mm YEG08CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 800x800mm YEG07CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x800mm YEG02CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x1000mm YEG03CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1250x1000mm YEG09CWS - Pit frame, stainless steel, 1250x1250 mm YEG04CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1250mm YEG05CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1500mm YEG06CWS - Pit frame st.steel, platf. 2000x1500mm YEG01MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 800x800 YEG02MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1000x800 YEG03MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1000x1000 YEG04MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1250x1000 YEG05MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1250x1250 YEG06MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1500x1250 YEG07MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 1500x1500 YEG08MAPP - Pit frame edges, painted, 2000x1500 YEG01MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 800x800mm YEG02MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1000x800mm YEG03MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1000x1000 YEG04MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1250x1000 YEG05MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1250x1250 YEG06MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1500x1250 YEG07MAPS - Pit frame edges,, 1500x1500 YEG08MAPS - Pit frame edges, stainless st.,2000x1500 Roller conveyor YRC01DCA - Roller conveyor painted, platf.320x240mm YRC01EDA - Roller conveyor painted, platf.400x300mm YRC01FEA - Roller conveyor painted, platf.500x400mm YRC01GFP - Roller conveyor painted, platf.650x500mm YRC01IGP - Roller conveyor painted, platf.800x600mm YRC01DCS - Roller conveyor, platf.320x240mm YRC01EDS - Roller conveyor, platf.400x300mm YRC01FES - Roller conveyor, platf.5000x400mm YRC01GFS - Roller conveyor, platf.650x500mm YRC01IGS - Roller conveyor, platf.800x600mm YRC01EDS-X - EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 400x300mm YRC01DCS-X - EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 320x240mm YRC01FES-X - EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 500x400mm YRC01GFS-X - EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 650x500mm Bench YWT01CWP - Bench, painted, platform dim. 400x300mm YWT02CWP - Bench, painted, platform dim. 500x400mm YWT03CWP - Bench, painted, platform dim. 650x500mm YWT04CWP - Bench, painted, platform dim. 800x600mm YWT01CWS - Bench,, ptd., platform 400x300mm YWT02CWS - Bench,, ptd., platform 500x400mm YWT03CWS - Bench,, ptd., platform 650x500 YWT04CWS - Bench,, ptd., platform 800x600mm Barcode Reader YDH01WTCWS - Bench column, stainless steel Mechanical accessories YRO01WTCW - Set of wheels for bench stand YFP01CWS - Floor fasteners, stainless steel, platf (4 load cells) YBP03CIS - Base for floor-mtd. column, stainless steel YPP01CWS - Plate for mounting printer on column YHRYCO-Y - Top-hat rail installation kit f. YCO01-Y YWBYCO-Y - Wall mounting bracket for YCO01-Y YAS07CI - Installat. kit for control panel integr. Software YSC02 - SartoCollect Software YSW03 - Sartorius WinScale driver software YAD02IS - f. designing printouts Printer YDP14IS-0CEUV - Direct-thermo-printer, 108mm, 203dpi Barcode readers YBR03FC - Bar code scanner with DIN connector YBR03PS2 - Bar code scanner with PS/2 plug Displays YRD11Z - Checkweighing display (25-pin T-connector) Remote display YRD14Z - Checkweighing display (rd. 12-pin plug) Electrical accessories YSB01 - External relay box, 4 (5) outputs YTC01 - T-connector YSB02 - Digital input/output module, 8 outputs YDI01-Z - Zener barrier, 2 data lines YDI02-Z - Zener barrier, 4 data lines YDI03-Z - Zener barrier, 4 data/4 control lines YCC01-0024M01 - Adapter f. connecting bar code/PC YDI02-ZCX - YDI02-Z Zener barrier with cable gland YDO03C-X - Filling output for CIXS3 & H3 Switches YFS01 - Foot switch with T-connector YHS02 - Hand switch with T-connector Misc. YAS99I - Separable plug connection, platfrm.-ind. YDH01CIS - Wall-mounting bracket, stainless steel YDH02CIS - Wall holder, tiltable indicator YBH01CWS - Fastener for bar code scanner YAS01CISL - IP65 kit for Combics CISL indicators Dust cover YDC01CI - 2 dust covers for Combics indicators YDC01CI-X - Dust cover for CIXS3 YAS04CIS - Cable gland for Combics, IP67 YDH12CWS - Indic.holder for bench,,platf.ED/FE YCO01-Y - Interface converter, configurable YPS02-XV24 - 24V industry power module, EX area YRB02-X - Ex-battery pack for zones 1, 20, 21 YBPH01 - Holder for YRB02-X recharg. battery pack YDI05-Z - Interface converter, stainless steel YSB01CI-XV1 - Ext. filling dev. V1 f.CIXS3, Option H3 8441DKD - DKD calibration certificate up to 100 kg 8441DKDI - DKD calibration certificate from 101 kg 8441EQ - EQ-Folder (Equip-Qual.folder without certificate 8441EQC - EQ-Folder (Equip-Qual.folder with certificate 8441FAT - FAT Factory Acceptance Test not fixed 8441FATFLOOR - FAT Factory Acceptance Test fixed Power supply YAS02CI - 24V industrial power supply module YPS02-XDR - Power supply for hazardous area, EU YPS02-XGR - Power supply for hazardous area, UK YPS02-XKR - Power supply for hazardous area, USA YPS02-ZDR - Power supply, outside hazardous area, EU YPS02-ZGR - Power supply, outside hazardous area, UK YPS02-ZKR - Power supply outside hazardous area, USA YRB02LD - Battery charger for YRB02-X Printers YDP20-0CE - Data printer, suitable for external verification, with date, time, statistics, numerator (including cable) YDP20-0CEV1 - Data printer, suitable for external verification, with date, time, statistics, numerator (including cable) Data interface YDO02C-DP - Combics - Profibus-DP interface YDO02C-485 - Combics - Interface card RS 485/422 YDO02C-232 - Combics - Interface card RS 232 YDO02C-ETH - Ethernet interface for Combics YDO02C-DIO - Combics - Interface card digital I/O YDO02C-AO - Combics - Analogue current output YDI02C-WPD - Interface for digital platform YDI02C-WP03 - Combics - ADC Inferface 3.000e YDI02C-WP10 - Combics - ADC Inferface 10000e Switch YPE05-X - Foot switch, hazardous area Service 8407IA - Qualification for industrial scales up to 50 kg 8407IB - #Qualifizierung f. Industriew. 51-100kg 8407IC - Qualification for industrial scales 101 - 300 kg 8407ID - Qualification for industrial scales 301 - 600 kg 8407IE - Qualification for industrial scales 601 - 1,500 kg 8407IF - Qualifification for industrial sclaes 1,501 - 3,000 kg 8441USP - Test certificate / balance certificate