Process Control

We can offer a full chain of peripheral components from mounting kits with load cells to process controllers that can be integrated via a wide choice of interface options to suite any available PLC and SCADA system to run your process.

Batching scales – Using an X5 Process controller or MAXXIS, these units have software applications integrated to enable you to set your control limits and with a highly developed algorithms which will continuously calculate measured values to optimise the filling process to achieve results as close as possible to your target values. Batching programs include comprehensive recipes that include all connected hardware to open / close valves according to weight set points, start stirring and or heating via unlimited number of I/O commands, these are all performed simultaneously per batch, only one unit necessary to run a full recipe.

Dosing scales – A high precision scale can be connected to a MAXXIS controller as a second weighing point where fine quantity of product can be dosed into a batch, via either manually or automatically, this is beside a large vessel /hopper.

Filling scales – The Minebea Intec Indicators supply a signal to a relay to open a valve, thereby product is discharged rapidly, using a course set point, from hopper into a mixing tank or secondary hopper, as soon as course value is achieved the controller will activate valve to a position where product is dribbled and the fine feed target weight, as defined by your own control limit requirements, is achieved. If a printer is connected a consumption report can be generated showing actual filled and target value and the difference between the two.

Flow Control Scales – Controller such as MAXXIS or X5 with sophisticated software, these units can send and receive weight values at high speed to control the flow of material in a system, thereby either reducing or increasing the flow of product.

Statistical Process Control – The Minebea Intec SPCfWIN, is a statistical Process control system for mass control in a packaging area. Stand alone or in-line scales can be connected in an Ethernet network to a central reporting PC, here statistical reports can be generated on all products weighed and or batches with relevant machines which have been linked to these products. Reports and graphs based on hourly, shift, weekly, monthly and annual statistics are available to be viewed or printed.

This system is useful in monitoring and controlling your filling process, at operator level the scales will indicate over or under filled products and prompt operator to take corrective action by adjusting filling heads of related filling machines, at management level, comprehensive reports can be viewed to see if adequate weighing intervals are being adhered to and when any weight violations have occurred what corrective actions were taken.