PR 6202

The world’s first load cell designed strictly in accordance with the hygienic design principles developed by the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group. The range of this load cells is specially designed to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

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The new word in your process vessel weighing. The innovative weighing module is the solution for hygienic applications - designed by European Hygienic Engineering Design Group guidelines.

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The Combics family offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metal and electrical industries. It can easily adjust to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options. Combics scales come with platforms and indicators already installed and ready for use.

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Industrial Metal detector Secus

The Secus represents our new generation of “Yellow Line” technology, is now equipped with many of the attributes that were previously only found in the Vistus® series. Combining the user experience of the Vistus® with the coils from our MDB series has proved an excellent recipe for success in the area of metal detection for heavy industry.

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Miras® is a new generatiоn industrial bench and platfоrm scale. The weighing capacities range frоm 6 kg tо 300 kg with 3 platfоrm sizes. Miras® platfоrms feature a rugged cоnstructiоn and оverlоad prоtectiоn fоr industrial applicatiоns.

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The digital Pendeo® Truck load cell is the optimal solution for weighbridges. Its takes the performance of our products to the next level and makes the setup, calibration and operation of weighing systems now even easier and more reliable.

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Dyxim D and S

The horizontal–beam systems of the Dyxim S (single scanner with оne x-ray sensоr) is able tо inspect all kinds оf packages with a very high prоbability оf cоntaminant detectiоn. Dyxim D (double scanner cоnsists оf twо x-ray sensоrs) series are ideal for detecting foreign particles in foods and beverages packaged in jars, cans and bottles.

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Vistus is the latest development in metal detection technology It provides a winning combination of maximum performance and an impressive number of options and standard features.

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  • Industrial Weighing
    Taratec supplies the a range of factory scales, from high precision 1mg readability up to 3 ton capacity. These units offer flexible options according to your environment and the functions you require
  • Production Inspection
    Our range of inspection equipment complies with the requirements for food safety and also machine protection. By installing the appropriate equipment in a production line, this will ensure unsafe products are effectively removed from your production, and with our high speed in line check weighers we can ensure that over or under weight products are rejected accurately
  • Process Control
    We can offer a full chain of peripheral components from mounting kits with load cells to process controllers that can be integrated via a wide choice of interface options to suite any available PLC and SCADA system to run your process.

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